January 19, 2009

Sophie let Lily borrow her snow outfit.  It is so cute and round.
My mom looks like a teenager.
Emma loves hanging out with the Dean boys.

Mommy I want a bite. I hungry Mommy.

Happy New Year!

Party time.
Lily keeps making this face when I get out my camera and she says cheese.

Emma says Dad you are the best Daddy in the whole town.

Natalie had a baby!  Little Andrew he so so adorable.

Sophie lets Emma dress her and do her hair.  They play together so cute.
My little snow angle 
Honey Loves Kyle Korver.  She is the BIGGEST sports fan.
Emma and Sophie are being very patient waiting to go upstairs and see what Santa brought.
Christmas Eve is the best.  We go to Honey and Papa's house.  They give us presents and p.j's.  Honey made the kids beautiful blankets.  They are soft and pink they look so cute in on therebeds.

This is the princess throne and barbie from Honey and Papa.  My kids are so spoiled
Papa has an eternal smile.  He even smiles when he sleeps.
Beautiful sisters.  Honey is so close with her sisters I want to be just like that.
Honey and Papa came over to my house and helped Emma build her graham cracker house.   Honey showed emma how to eat the frosting.  Emma loved it.
Lily and Emma are pretty much having a bath everyday.  After breakfast Lily gets so messy and she is very independent.  She does not need help eating her food.  She wants to do it all by herself.
I don't feel good enough to actually work out so I do lots of handstands.  It is fun and it is very entertaining.  Emma and Lily are catching the handstand fever.  Emma has found creative ways to keep her legs up.

Emma is working on her racing so she can beat Spencer and Colby.

Lily pretty much runs our house hold.  She speaks in full sentences and is extremely clear.  I always know exactly what she wants. 

Dave played flag football with our stake.  It was fun to watch him.  He played at Dixie and was the quarterback. 

Emma is really happy in her sleeping beauty dress.

Lily is so happy.  She has the best personality.

Emma dream has come true.  She wants me to wear dresses everyday.  She tries so hard to make me put on dresses that go all the way down to the ground.  She goes through my closet and says mom pleease put this dress on it goes all the way down.  
This is my pumpkin inspired by my princess daughters who want everything to be pink.
This is Emma's pumpkin she drew bangs on her and eyelashes and everything.
This is Dave's he did a good job.  He is really cute when he does projects.  He is a huge perfectionist and he wants to make sure his lines are straight.  He even worked on it after the kids went to bed.  Then the next day Emma got up early and came downstairs and decided that his needed to be pink so she painted over the whole face pink.  Dave took it well.  He did not even get mad after all his hard work.
Lily painted the little one.  Next year she wants a big one.